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Market Distribution

Products and services of Protech are supplied stably in domestic and abroad market with advanced technology and excellent quality. The products spread in dozens of countries and regions all over the world with good reputation. We hope to bring "Safety & Happiness" to every corner of the world.

Service Advantage

Professional technical support, personalized customer service

Protech has a comprehensive system of technical support and perfect marketing service system. We can not only carry out specific R&D and production, but also provide auxiliary products services according to customers' demands.


    Service Advantage of Protech


Satisfaction Analysis

Protech products are widely used to avoid the occurrence of the crisis event in the national defense, law enforcement forces, security and other fields. The quality of product and technology directly affect the result of events.


In order to know the industry trends better, meet the customer’s demand’s and analyze the product advantages and disadvantages after-sales, a responsible person of Protech is assigned to make the product satisfaction surveys and analysis, issue analysis reports and maintain continuous improvement on product series.



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